Saturday, June 1, 2013


This blog just hit 10,000 views. I never would have imagined just eighteen months ago that my blog would have anywhere near that many views.

When this blog started it was meant for me to document what I believe is an economic period that will be discussed for the next one hundred years just as we still talk about the Great Depression in the US today. It was also meant as a way to communicate to family and friends my thoughts on the extraordinary macro economic climate we find ourselves investing in today.

That this blog is read all over the world is absolutely amazing to me. From my blog stats provided by Google I can see that views come from places as far away as:

Canada (well maybe not so far away)
Hong Kong
South Korea

Thank you viewers. If not for you, I'd likely have given up writing this blog. As it continues to grow I hope people will add comments, especially with regard to what they see happening in gold, from various parts of the world.

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