Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"We are Going to Kill the Dollar"

Ever wished you could pick the brain of a top hedge fund manager? One that not only saw the housing crisis coming but made billions off identifying the problems of the sub-prime market? One that speaks to top Obama economic advisers? Kyle Bass is that person. I don't want to even imagine how much his speaker fees are, but here, via Youtube we get to watch for free! Though its about one year old, 90% of it is relevant today (much even more so!).

The above is a 1 minute video just to pique your interest. Below is a 1 hour video. Though there are some occasional technical terms thrown in here and there, for the most part, anyone who wants to understand the global economic climate we face will understand. Kyle is actually a very plain spoken person but you will get very important information and will certainly connect the dots with many of my posts here.

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