Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is the End Game?

So if I and all the experts I link to are correct, what is the end game? What do you do if you have stacked your gold and silver, watched the dollar lose its place as the world's reserve currency and generally become worthless? Brian Rogers answers the question in this post on Zero Hedge. You can read the entire thing but her's the punchline:
  Gold will be the surviving currency that will rise dramatically in value until a new global currency regime can be established and agreed upon.  Most likely years.  Bretton Woods was a relatively quick process, but remember, the US won the war so we made the rules with very little debate.  Things certainly won't work that way next time.
So while the coming deflation via rising rates will ravage the value of dollar-based assets (the aforementioned bonds, stocks, commercial real estate, residential real estate, auto prices, factories, etc...) gold will at a minimum hold your purchasing power and could very will rise many times from current levels. 
Then, in the heat of the deflation, when everyone you know is selling everything they own to simply stay afloat, you buy.  Sell your gold and buy.  With both hands.  Aggressively.  Greedily.  And if a bank will extend you credit based on your gold holdings, take it and buy with leverage.  You will be creating generational wealth.
Good luck and think long and hard about what you own and what's happening around us.

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